If you’re having an estate sale, you might want to think twice before you toss out your old clothing, purses, shoes and other fashion accessories. The old adage goes: one man’s trash is another man’s treasure — and that’s absolutely true when it comes to fashion! So how do you know if there’s hidden money in your closet? The following article will help you identify whether your threads are sought-after, or not.

Is it vintage?
There is always a market for vintage clothing — even old t-shirts from the 1990s! Vintage clothing is so popular that there are entire websites dedicated to buying and selling, such as Etsy, RubyLane and Poshmark. Depending on the brand, age and condition of the vintage clothing, some garments can sell for far more than when they were new. For example, a Versace scarf purchased new in 1989 would have cost around $200 to $400. That very same scarf today, in perfect condition, has retained its value — and has the potential to become more valuable as time passes. The same can be said, to a lesser extent, of some department store labels and brands that no longer exist.

Is it name brand?
Gently used name-brand clothes may not be as valuable as new name-brand clothes, but they do have value. A second-hand shopper knows a deal when they see one, and a $10 GUESS brand top that’s in good condition is more affordable than a $30 GUESS brand top. You may have paid $30 yourself for that top, but you also might have gotten many wears out of it. So that $10 is a far better return for you, than simply throwing the clothes away or donating them.

Is it unique?
Whether you have a comical Halloween costume collection or a jacket signed by an obscure celebrity, someone might be willing to spend money on it. People love unique items, and that’s no different when it comes to clothing. The more unique, the better your chances are of catching someone’s attention. Some people are serious collectors of non-serious merchandise, so there’s no shame in selling that embarrassing Mardi Gras costume or that pair of novelty disco boots.

Fabrics and prints
Even some of your less-than-perfect garments may sell if they’re made of an interesting fabric or pleasing pattern. Crafters and DIYers love checking out second hand shops and estate sales for sewing materials, and some of your old clothes may serve as excellent projects. Maybe you have a gorgeous silk dress that ended up somehow damaged. That doesn’t mean it’s garbage. The material can be repurposed into anything a passionate crafter desires.