Shopping for vintage goods is a bit of a treasure hunt, especially if you’re looking for thrifty interior design accents. From unique works of art and pottery pieces to infamous furniture styles and nostalgic fabrics, there is a world if fabulous vintage finds you can add to your interior design projects.

Gorgeous Colored Glassware

Swung glass vases, carnival glass trinket dishes and eye-catching colorful Pyrex bowls are fantastic editions to your vintage-themed interior design projects. These are all incredibly popular thrifting finds, and they can also be highly valuable as collectibles! Not only is vintage colored glass popular and valuable, it truly does liven up any interior environment — especially in sunlit areas! For example, check out this rainbow of vintage colored glass in a totally aesthetic display.

There are so many, many color variations of vintage glassware. That means you can treasure hunt to your heart’s content. Check out these beautiful vintage pastel colored vases!

Vintage Textiles

Vintage upholstery, drapes, rugs, throw pillows and other fabrics make excellent editions to your interior design aesthetic. For example, an antique or vintage Persian rug is a timeless conversation starter in any home. These vintage rugs can be incredibly pricy, so if you’re lucky enough to find one while thrifting you shouldn’t hesitate to get it. Check out this beautiful vintage rug, and how it just ties the room together:

Vintage upholstered furniture is also a fantastic thrift find. There are just so many colors, motifs and textures to suit any style or taste. Vintage furniture also comes in a multitude of signature designs from beautiful Queen Ann legwork to the flamboyant shape of French Provencal sofas. Check out this charming 70s vintage sofa and chair set:

Vintage Posters, Art & Accents

If you’re lucky enough to find vintage framed posters while you’re out thrifting, you should definitely add those to your interior aesthetic. Framed posters, vintage art prints and even original vintage paintings can often be found in thrift stores, estate sales and online estate auctions. Check out this beautiful collection of vintage posters:

Other beautiful vintage accents could include once-popular cookware from the 50s, 60s and 70s as well as charming folksy basket work and pottery crocks. You can easily transform your kitchen from boring to fabulous with some simple thrifting finds. For example, see how all of the little vintage elements transformed this kitchen into a vintage time capsule?

The possibilities are endless. There are so many vintage and antique finds that can be incorporated with interior design, whether your aesthetic tastes are bold and colorful, or more conservative and classical.