Valuable items can be found in estate sales, thrift stores and even your own closet. From vintage clothing and collectibles to rare designer goods, you can turn an impressive profit if you know what to look for. For example, some of your old shoes might have accrued substantially in value. The following article will highlight some of the most high-value shoes you can dream of finding on the secondhand market.

Nike Dunks

Various styles of Nike Dunks have a range of value that’s all over the board, but some are far more luxurious in price than others. For example, a rare pair of Yellow Lobster Dunks has sold for as high as $42k! The Nike SB “Entourage” Dunks resell for as high as $8k, and Pine Green Nike Dunks can resell for as high as $2k. Keep in mind that when some of these Dunk designs were released on retail they sold for as low as $150.00. Their value increased substantially.

Louis Vuitton

Most Louis Vuitton items resell beautifully, but one pair of Louis Vuitton shoes in particular are considered extremely valuable. The Manhattan Richelieu men’s wingtip shoe has sold for as high as $100k, but on average sees resell prices of around $10k. Speaking of LV, a pair of Louis Vuitton X Nike Air Force 1 sneakers in the color red has been featured on Sothebys Auction for around $23k!

Vintage Designer

Most vintage designer brand shoes are highly valuable, if you can find a pair that’s in perfect condition. For example, this pair of vintage Kinney NBA sneakers sold on Ebay recently for $500. Meanwhile, this pair of vintage 1993 Versace knee-high boots sold in 2021 on Ebay for over $4k! The key to finding designer vintage shoes is finding something that is both high-end and high-quality.