Do you like pottery cookie jars? If you’re not fortunate enough to have an heirloom jar of your own, they can be commonly found at estate sales and on online estate auctions all over the world. Some cookie jars are more valuable than others, with their value reaching easily into the hundreds! The following article will highlight some beloved favorites and rare vintage finds that could make you one happy, and wealthy, collector.

McCoy Pottery Cookie Jars

McCoy is a cherished pottery brand that’s been collected by Americans since the first pieces were produced by Nelson McCoy in the year 1910 — though his family had been producing stoneware goods since the mid 1800s. This brand is an American classic, which is why it’s been touted as the most widely collected brand of vintage pottery in the United States. So what about their cookie jars?

If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on a vintage McCoy pottery cookie jar, you might have an item that is worth anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to several thousands. The value of a McCoy pottery cookie jar, of course, depends greatly on the rarity of the item as well as the quality. For example, in the year 2020, a very rare red Aunt Jemima McCoy cookie jar sold on Ebay for $3,802.00!

Roseville Pottery Cookie Jars

Roseville Pottery is similar to McCoy Pottery because both brands come from Roseville, Ohio — which is actually home to several popular pottery brands. If you’re lucky enough to own a vintage Roseville Pottery cookie jar, it could be worth anywhere from $100 to close to $600!

Shawnee Pottery Cookie Jars

Vintage Shawnee Pottery is highly collectible, especially the Corn King and Pennsylvania Dutch designs that have remained popular for decades. Cookie jars produced by this pottery brand are also highly collectible, and some of them are incredibly pricy in value. For example, a vintage Smiling Pig Shawnee Pottery cookie jar sold just this year (2022) on Ebay for $2,900.00!

Vintage Walt Disney Pottery Cookie Jars

Vintage cookie jars produced by Walt Disney Productions can fetch a pretty penny as well. In 2014, a Walt Disney Productions Pottery Alice in Wonderland cookie jar sold on Ebay for over $1,500.00! This 1947 vintage Walt Disney Mickey Mouse Pottery cookie jar sold for $1,400.00!

Other Brands

There are numerous other vintage pottery brands that have produced cookie jars spanning from the 1800s to the 1990s. Check your pottery cookie jar for a maker’s mark to research whether or not it’s a valuable find.